Meeting Our Town: Day Two of The Village



The language of Gesture

–AKB, Village “13

For breakfast this morning we all went down to the bakery for croissants (easy enough to ask for), and everything you here about them is true. French pastries really are better. Being so early and so cold, Taylor and I needed some coffee, and Dr. Mackaman told us of good place to go. So we walked in and soon realized that the precious little old man working the counter knew not one word of English. So here I am, once again, terribly regretting that I don’t know any French, and resorting to sign language- which was really just holding up two fingers and hoping he’d give me a double shot. He understood and held up a cup for it, and in return I pointed and replied “si”. Well, that’s only like the 100th time I’ve tried to speak Spanish instead. Taylor only laughed at the confused look on the poor man’s face, and waited quite a bit before telling me “si” means “if” in French. What a way to start a day.

A Scavenger Hunt for Hilarity

We continued the day with a scavenger hunt around the town which proved to be quite helpful and a fun way to experience The Village Lab for our first time, We had to find the grocery and pharmacy and ATM among other places, and ran into many locals along the way. Our French village grew even more charming and adorable (if that’s possible) after exploring it on our own. Plus even if we all butchered the language and had to fall into broken Spanish again at times, the exercise succeeded. Because in an hour or two we found all the basic things in town that we need for our lives here. (We also laughed at each other and might have got extra croissants along the way!)


Savoring the Start

Classes begin in the morning, so today was nice to relax with our new friends and just appreciate being here for a minute. I’m honestly so excited about my classes tomorrow (history nerd, I know), but mainly because we’ve got to learn this language before things get any worse out there on the cobblestone streets of our town.  In the meantime, we’re settling in to our historic home pretty darned well and mostly recovered from the flight over.  It’s amazing to think that the whole semester and its unknown adventures lie ahead. Will we travel to all the places that people said they were going to tonight at dinner? Will we all get A’s in our classes? Will we get every hidden nook of this gorgeous town before the semester carries us all off to Paris and London and further?

I hope so. But whatever unfolds, I’m in the right place for me.