When you compare your Village “all in” price to what it costs to study at your home university, you’ll find The Village is a very affordable investment in your future. Well the numbers are the key. The cost of staying in Florida and attending UWF as a student living on campus, including all expenses, averages about $10,040. (Large state schools out of the South cost more, with $13,360 being the average semester cost at the University of Minnesota and $14,500 being an average semester cost for in-state students at a school like The University of Michigan, where out-of state students pay about $28,500 each semester.)

Meanwhile, the cost of The Village for a semester in Europe is $10,899, plus additional expenses that you will incur abroad. For most students, the “all in” price of The Village will not exceed $13,899 and will in many cases be less than this, depending on how you budget your funds. That means that most Village students will spend less than $3500 more for their semester in Europe than the same semester costs at home.

Built to be affordable for our students and their families, The Village is run so that you will get budgeting help from our staff and professors throughout your semester. That level of attention and care is just one reason why so many study-abroad alumni say the money they spent on the program was the best investment they ever made.

The average Village student will seek and receive financial aid to cover most if not all of the program’s cost. And since most Village Program students from UWF can expect to receive scholarship support from UWF and from Globalizedu to total around $3500, UWF students can usually do The Village for almost exactly the same price they’d be paying to stay home for the semester on campus.Cannot get other user media. API shut down by Instagram. Sorry. Display only your media.

Program Pricing

Fixed Cost of The Village: $10,899

This is the portion of your total outlay for The Village that is constant for every student. Budgeting or cutting corners here is not possible, as this is a fixed cost for every one. Fixed Costs Include:

  • Program deposit
  • Tuition for up to 18 hours of Village Colloquium and Journey Courses
  • Tuition for 3 hours of Village Online
  • Dormitory housing in the Loire Valley
  • Program excursion to Chenonceau and Tours in conjunction with The Village Lab
  • Hostel dormitory housing in Paris and London during Journey
  • Roundtrip roundtrip courtesy transfer from CDG airport to the Loire Valley at a scheduled time that can accommodate most travelers. (If you do not travel on our recommended travel days, you will need to arrange your own transfer to and from the Loire Valley)
  • Train or flight as needed for transfer from Paris to London on Journey
  • Lunch 4-5 times/week, depending on our schedules, in the Loire Valley
  • Breakfast each morning in Paris and London on Journey
  • One dinner each week, Loire Valley
  • Use of a kitchen and dining room
  • Laundry on the floor in the Loire Valley
  • Required museum visits
  • Required excursions
  • Metro and Tube tickets in Paris and London for academic activities

Variable Extra Costs Estimate: $3000-$3500

This is the portion of your total outlay that is variable, meaning that students who budget carefully and plan their semester with our help and with an eye toward the real resources and money that they have will always spend on the lower sides of this range.

  • Airfare
  • Extra meals
  • Fall Break and VisionQUEST Travel
  • Books and supplies
  • Misc.

TOTAL Village Semester Costs: $13,899

Program Dates

Program Application and Deposit Deadlines

23 March
Deadline to submit a Village Application with $300 nonrefundable deposit.
31 August
Final program payment is due, or a vetted letter giving proof of a financial aid package to be awarded in September.

The Village Program Calendar

Saturday 1 September
Fly out from the USA to arrive 2 September in France
Sunday 2 September
Arrival in France, train from Paris to Montrichard
Monday 3 September
Classes Begin/Village Orientation Continued
Saturday 8 September
The Village Lab at Chenonceau and Tours
Friday 14 September
Fall Break Weekend: Free from 12:30 PM Friday until Sunday night
Friday 28 September
VisionQUEST 1 begins, continuing until the program meets-up on 6 October in Paris
Saturday 6 October
PARISWeek: Journey in session, until 13 October
Saturday 13 October
LONDONWeek: Journey continues until VisionQUEST 2 begins, 20 October
Friday 19 October
Journey Final
Saturday 20 October
VisionQUEST 2 Begins from London and continuing until 27 October meet-up in Barcelona, Spain
Saturday 27 October
Arrive in Barcelona
Monday 29 October
Classes Resume
Friday 23 November
Reading and Study Day
Saturday 24 November
Final Exams Begin
Sunday 25 November
FInal Exams Continued: AM
Tuesday 27 November
The Village Flies Home