Our Scholarships Can Make The Village Happen for you!


Money: want some?

If you’re like most of our students, money isn’t something you have a ton of. In fact, most of our students will tell you that they had to work hard and be very clever to get their dreams for studying in Europe lined up with reality.  So what did they do that you can do too?  They took full advantage of the scholarships that are available for The Village.

What are these scholarships?

Globalizedu (the company that partners with UWF to make The Village happen) has special Village Scholarships available for students who sign up in February for the program. The awards will be at the $1000 level. Then UWF students can compete for the UWF Foundation Study Abroad Scholarships, which can award amounts of as much as $2500 per student. Then, students can go dig and find their own scholarships nationally. Here’s a list of 45 study-abroad scholarships to get you started on the cash hunt!



Cost of Attendance Compared

So let’s look at the numbers and imagine that you do The Village and are a recipient of our $1000 scholarship.  The total cost of attendance of The Village–including all fixed and variable costs–is $13,899 before you factor in your scholarships.  Now subtract the $1000 in scholarship support, and you will be in Europe for a full semester, earning as many as 15 credits, for a total cost of $12,899. The memories you’ll make? The places you’ll go and the people you’ll go there with? The Village will be utterly unforgettable.



So what’s the scenario if you’re a Florida resident and you stay in Florida and live on campus and don’t do The Village? The UWF website estimates that your total cost of attendance for the fall will be $10,030.  If you’re an Alabama resident, the website estimates that you will spend $12,160 as your cost of attendance. If you’re not a Florida resident, your estimated cost of attendance is $16,450. Meanwhile, as you view powerpoint lectures back on campus The Village will be asking our students to use primary documents from the Victorian and Edwardian eras, full of medical theories on the early history of PTSD. Ever wondered what cursive looked like from a century ago? You’ll learn tiny things with us and also very big ones.  But only if you come.



The Village Investment is Smart

For our UWF students, then, the secret to doing The Village is our scholarships.  They make it so you can study in Europe and earn full-time UWF credit for hardly any more money at all than what it costs to stay back in Florida.  And if you’re an Alabama or other out-of-state student, it can actually cost much less to study on The VIllage than to stay home at UWF.

So how about coming on The Village and letting us help you get there?

PS. Our students are also highly successful at getting scholarships outside of what Globalizedu offers for The Village. Remember that the UWF Foundation offers its own awards, and these go as high as about $2500 each.  (More free money you can only access by studying abroad!) And don’t forget the rest of the free money you can seek nationally: there are tons of other scholarships out there!