Your UWF Processes for The Village: Holds and Insurance? What’s the deal…

Everybody gets used to rules. Universities help us keep rules always front on the mind. And so do states. Now enter the world of global programs involving multiple universities in several states plus a learning itinerary that’s taking us to several classroom countries, and you’re entering a world where risk managers are going to have some say over things. In the case of The Village, the two things that might seem the most confusing are the administrative holds that may have been placed on your registration at UWF for your academic courses in conjunction with Immunization and Study Abroad Insurance.  What’s the deal with these?

Well the state of Florida is home to UWF, where The Village has its academic heart. That means that our program is subject to Florida state laws governing immunization in conjunction with high education.  So first things first: don’t think that you’re being signaled out by The Village or UWF for some special and raw treatment where the holds are concerned.  Every student is facing this administrative issue.  Here’s what to do:

First: be sure that you’ve completed your dynamic form application for The Village at UWF.  Nothing works without this step.  If you’ve not done the form, here’s the link:

Assuming you have done the UWF form and uploaded your passport, you should have received an email from UWF Study Abroad welcoming you to UWF Study Abroad. That email has instructions for using your MyUWF account to clear the two holds that may be on your account. The first is a financial hold that is basically like a fee payment agreement. If you are logged into your MyUWF account, you should see a messages box toward the top right of the page. You should see a message waiting there that will allow you to view and consent to the agreement. At that point, you should use the Search Bar to search for Immunization. It will bring you to a place where you can complete the Immunization Records form. NOTE: You do not need to submit records of the immunizations and may in fact not be subject to this hold at all, assuming your own standing at UWF has already been verified where immunizations are concerned.  If you do have the hold, just go through each section and choose the option to either decline or claim a waiver for the vaccine. In each case, you will be asked the reason and should indicate in the drop down box that you are an online-only student for the purposes of The Village, as our program will not be meeting at any time on the UWF campus.

Then onto the issue of study-abroad insurance.  You’re required to have health insurance in place when you do any global program that matches a standard of coverage mandated by the state of Florida.  The easiest way to prove this is to just spend the $25-30 for each of the three Village months that gets you a policy from our recommended provider at   Here’s the information you’ll need to lift the insurance hold posted at

Administrative processes are never as fun as the travel and learning that’s waiting o